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The rest of the book continues the theme: Tony getting his rocks off with extraordinary, naïve panache. He had the gift of intimacy and, furthermore, masking the ruthless vanity, there was his shyness. An additional source of appeal de Courcy coyly explains thus: at prep school "it was noted by fellow pupils that Tony, though small in stature, was physically well endowed".His second wife is sexually betrayed again and again, one of the mistresses kills herself; two unofficial children come to light; and even when confined to a wheelchair the old goat can't be stopped - new lovers pop up like mushrooms after rain. A few years later the schoolboy was struck by polio and lay in Liverpool Royal Infirmary for six months, where, we learn, "his only family visits were from his sister Sarah".The lover, Robin Douglas-Home, is shown the door and later kills himself, while Tony continues his own multiple bonkings.When mild Roddy Llewellyn eventually came along, Tony played the outraged husband and this tripped the divorce. Charm - which, after his royal marriage, became charisma.

To which Tony responds: "I didn't fall in love with boys - but a few men have been in love with me."The actress Jacqui Chan became his first proper girlfriend when he was 25 (he was born in 1930) and we begin to sniff the heady fumes of Swinging London.

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Snowdon was among its principal exemplars, as later was Princess Margaret, whom he married in 1960.

The marriage was an impossibility, but a brilliant one, and a passionate love affair too.

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