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The future job outlook for web designers and developers is extremely high as demand continues to increase.Graduates of BYU-Idaho's online Web Design and Development program will be prepared to enter these rapidly expanding fields with the knowledge and skills to work within many different types of organizations.Often it was just easier to go and ask people when they were having coffee.Because people at CERN came from universities all over the world, they brought with them all types of computers.

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It then just passes it on to the next computer in the net, in the general direction toward its destination. Typically, a packet might be passed on by more than 10 computers before it arrives. The name server looks up the number of the computer its name.Your computer sends off the packet to it, saying it wants to know the number of (DNS) server in the network preferences if you really want to know.When a DNS server looks up a computer name, it either knows it because it has it in a list, or it just asks another DNS server which knows more names.) How does the packet get there? Your computer sends it down the ethernet connection or phone line from your computer, or it transmits it by radio to a base station which sends it down some wire.Many of them are scientists whose jobs are at universities in different places in the world, and they come to CERN because they need to use the huge accelerators at CERN.Well, I found it frustrating that in those days, there was different information on different computers, but you had to log on to different computers to get at it.

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