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So he developed a version - which did not include the drug - with an ingredient called L-Arginine, an amino acid which improves the blood supply to the area where it's applied.

I had noticed L-Arginine in health shops, where it is sold as a vitamin supplement.

The information that came with it said its inventor, Dr Jed Kaminetsky, had originally made a cream by crushing Viagra into powder and mixing it in a gel.

It was, apparently, too gritty and could be obtained only on prescription.

They have two children, Harry, 12, and Charlotte, seven, and live in Honiton, Devon. had brought some back for fun, saying it was a huge success over there.Niagara contains plenty of caffeine, so we expected this to kick in quickly, even though you are supposed to wait an hour. Lee kept asking me if I could feel anything, but sadly the answer was 'No'. To be honest, if you aren't at least checking out dating apps like Tinder, it isn't unreasonable to say that you're missing out.Alternatives to Tinder abound, allowing you to choose options that are perhaps a little crowded.

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