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We're certainly not saying we got it right first time, but what we have is successfully running the mobile application, and we can continue working on these services under the hood without impacting the front-end system, as long as the API doesn't change too much.

The mobile app and most of the services are Rails apps, and all of them serve up JSON over HTTP.

Four days before the turkey was served up at Christmas last year, we threw the switch on the biggest project we've ever done at globaldev.

We launched our new mobile counterpart to our desktop application for nearly 200 of our biggest sites.

We're currently using Puppet to both build and manage cloud instances, as well as deploy code for the various services.

The benefits of a more SOA-based approach are many, not least making it much easier for our growing number of developers to start developing and testing individual components without requiring a complete understanding of the whole system to be productive.

At our partner conference in October, we had a prototype ready to show which had the majority of the key features of the standard web-app implemented: search and viewing profiles, plus a few smaller features.

Once that had been given the green light both from internal stakeholders and external partners, we had just under eight weeks to take our prototype and build it into a production-ready system capable of handling up to 10% (and growing) of our daily traffic.

Although the visible output of the project was the mobile application that members use, we wanted to do more.

For some time now we've been discussing the future direction of our dating platform: how to make it easier to work with, more flexible and easier to look after operationally.

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